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Our Websites Are Designed To Position You As A Thought Leader

Be Seen As THE Expert In Your Area Of Specialty

Thought Leadership is not for everyone—it’s for seasoned experts. Our services are for those specialists who are ready to step up and claim a position as a “Thought Leader”. Let’s take a quick peek at what that means both objectively and practically.

What Is A Thought Leader

Here’s what it means to be a Thought Leader. Think of this as a definition.

You’re considered to be the primary expert in your area of specialty.

If not the primary expert, you are certainly in the top circle of master professionals. You have considerable expertise and are highly regarded.

You have a well-constructed approach that delivers promised results.

You’ve developed client-centric solutions that solve real-world problems. Every observation you make produces improved material.

You’re prolific in creating high-quality content about your area of expertise.

There is no shortage of new and evolving ideas. You have a content strategy in place, and regularly reinforce your online presence with new content.

How Do You Position Yourself As A Thought Leader?

As a practice, functioning as a Thought Leader takes consistent and ongoing activity. You consistently position yourself as a leader. It doesn’t “just happen” to you and it’s not a one-shot deal.

Your Thought Leadership must constantly evolve.

You stay a Thought Leader by staying on the leading edge. Typically, Thought Leaders are creative thinkers consistently responding to changing markets and business conditions. The problem is that it’s challenging to spare the time and energy to actionize those ideas and move them to market.

You need to get your ideas out to your audience regularly.

The problem for most professionals is that this becomes a “second job”. Spending that much time producing and disseminating your ideas costs you lost revenue. It’s hard to focus on doing your paid work while also positioning yourself as a Thought Leader.

You need a team behind you.

Trying to do both jobs long-term just leaves you depleted. The creativity dissipates, and you lose your spark. Without a support team positioning you, you won’t be able to gain and maintain traction.

We Build And Promote Websites That Deliver Qualified Leads

Our Agency Positions Professionals As Thought Leaders

Our clients sell professional services, and need a consistent flow of leads. We write, build, and promote websites for professionals. These are the kinds of clients we work with and the kinds of problems they need solved.

Consultants, Speakers, Trainers and others who sell services to corporate clients.

You need help updating your offerings to meet a changing market. More than anything, you need to increase the value of your services so you can painlessly increase your prices. You want to position yourself as an expert.

Attorneys who are launching a new practice or specialty—oriented to social good.

You might be scrapping a non-productive website in favor of a new site built to current standards. Or, you may want to take the business into a new direction. You primarily see the law as a tool for good.

Tech companies, ready to “disrupt” positively.

You’ve put a lot of years into the business already. Your website reads like it was written by an engineer (‘cause it was!). You need your tech messaging to be “interpreted” for the non-engineer. It’s critical that your audience completely understands your tech offerings.

Launching Is Only The Beginning Of A Lead Funnel Site—Not The End

Most professionals who sell services build and launch a site, and then wait for something to happen. They don’t take the consistent actions a new site requires to attract traffic—and leads. Here’s what you need to do instead.

Have an ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Consult monthly on your SEO, and make consistent refinements over time. Refine the keywords/key phrases. Get regular reports on site analytics, along with actionable suggestions for improving results. Keep your finger on the pulse of your SEO.

Have an ongoing content strategy with fresh SEO-optimized content.

Have an ongoing content strategy with fresh SEO-optimized content. We’ve found that a blog is the best way to regularly provide the fresh site content that causes your Google rankings to rise. For most website owners, failing to provide fresh content is often their biggest website failure. When you’re too busy making money, writing blog content falls to the bottom of the To Do list.

Drive engagement with an ongoing social media strategy.

Consistently pushing your SEO-optimized content out onto social media gets you attention. Your brand becomes known. You are positioned as an expert.

Where To Next?

Now you have an overview about Thought Leadership and Lead Funnel Websites. To discover if you are an
ideal fit for our services and the kinds of problems we can help you solve, read more about Who We Work With.

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Full-Time Professional Speaker
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"I have been in the speaking industry now for over 13 years. I have not had the privilege of finding someone who could best position my business and articulate my vision until I met Suzi. As an entrepreneur and right Brain dominant person, Suzi's skills brought me to the level of professionalism that I've always wanted to articulate. The entire time I was working with her I wondered, "Where have you been my whole career?" I only wish I had met her sooner and will continue to contract her out for other projects."
Write Real Estate Investment Landing Page And Investor Credibility Book
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"Suzi was a pleasure to work with. She was very focused on understanding our business and our target audience in order to craft effective content. She is punctual and communicative, and she provides very good copy. If she requires more information about the subject of her writing, she is very capable of doing the research necessary to find it. We are happy with her work product, and hope to work with her again in the future. We would hire her again."
Smart Building / Sustainable Energy Usage SaaS Startup Website
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"Suzi is one of a kind. Working with her brought the best of myself and the rest of the team. Amazing experience!"
Content For Website High Profile
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"Highly recommend. Amazing person who knows what she is doing. Best ever professional!"
High-Tech Drone Defense Saas App Website
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"Suzi was great to work with, receptive to feedback, very proactive in trying to move the project along, and turned draft copy around quickly. Our project went in another direction (internal person) -- unrelated to Suzi's work on it -- so we didn't see it through to completion with her, but the content she provided for us was of very good quality. Thank you, Suzi."
Data Management/IT Services Company Website
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"Suzi delivered outstanding work rewriting our site content, particularly highlighting the innovation within our corporate experience. She conducted in-depth interviews with our project managers to help inform her writing process and always took the initiative to make suggestions and ask questions as necessary to streamline the process. She was a pleasure to work with and really added value to our website. I highly recommend her technical writing services to anyone."
Tech Company Web Content Writing
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"Suzi is a professional. She is insightful and easy to work with and just flat-out CARES about the work she does!"
Psychotherapist Practice Website Content Writer
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"I had a great experience with her. She was super enthusiastic and understood exactly what I needed. She then provided much more than expected in terms of speed, quantity and quality. I fully intend to engage her services again for the other pieces of my project. Thanks Suzi"
Med-Tech SaaS Website Landing Page Writing
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"Suzi is a great writer. The quality of our final product is excellent and we're excited to get it deployed. She took the time to listen to our business and helped us to creatively rebrand with a few more catchy phrases. We look forward to seeing how her copy helps us to convert new clients."
Skills Training Company, Lead Funnel Website Content
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"Suzi is awesome to work with and super collaborative. She has the ability to express your value prop in powerful messaging. Her professionalism and follow through are definitely exceptional. You're in good hands with her!"
Tech Agency Web Content Writing
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"We had Suzi conduct a content audit of our current web site so we could better identify areas that need attention and ensure we agreed on expectations. Suzi delivered a detailed and well thought out audit document. She is a professional and I appreciate her prompt responses and detailed communication. We're moving on to the next step for the larger content creation job!"
Tech Company Monthly Emails And Blog Posts
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"I have nothing but great things to say about Suzi Elton. She has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have been impressed with the clarity of her writing, the speed and efficiency of her skill, and the professional manner she exemplifies as she completes the task at hand."
Pillar Content Writer For Tech Hospitality Website
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"Suzi is an absolute pleasure to work with. Smart, efficient, and intuitive. Several times we actually wrote to her, "You read my mind!" after she had sent over content. She is especially adept at research and pulling together the best of what's already out there, and does her best work when you allow her to use her own voice and write from a place of personal experience."
Case Study For Tech Company
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"Suzi wrote a case study that was engaging and precise. I trusted her completely to interview company sources and synthesize challenging subject matter with accuracy. She is a highly competent writer who not only takes direction well, but also offers suggestions and ideas throughout the editorial process. She is also a pleasure to work with."
Web Design & Digital Marketing Website Content
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"Love working with Suzi! She helped with WAY more than just writing my content. She gave me perspective and helped me see opportunities in my business as we developed my website content! Thank you so much Suzi!"
IT Industry Website Content Audit
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"Developing a website assessment from a messaging perspective was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin. Suzi Elton did everything – with almost no time or effort from me! She completed the job on time and under budget. I would highly recommend Suzi for other projects."
Tech Company Content For Website, Proposals, And Presentation
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"Suzi quickly navigated through my material detailing changes needed to enhance the reader experience and increase engagement. I highly recommend using Suzi, and we will certainly be returning to her again in the future."
Tech Company Lead Generating Landing Page
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"Best writer I have ever worked with....... I will continue to hire Suzi over and over again. She always makes deadlines and you get the most bang for your buck. Don't be afraid to spend a little, it will pay off, trust me!!!!!"
Home Security Website Content
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"Suzi understood my needs and delivered beyond my expectations. She responded to my inquiries immediately (even on a Sunday) making me feel that I am the only customer she is serving. She is very easy to work with, making this whole process a walk in the park. Looking forward to working with her on my next project."
Agency Website Content Writing
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"Suzi is an exceptionally skilled artist with the ability to take ideas and turn them into eye-catching and heart-pulling content. I'm looking forward to working with her again for my next project, and I absolutely recommend Suzi to anyone who needs her talents!"
Law Firm Policies, Systems And Procedures System Setup
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"Suzi is nothing short of amazing. She has a tireless ethic and incredible attention to detail, and has always been prompt and courteous in our communications. The service she provided for my law firm (organization of policies, systems, and procedures into a firm manual) was invaluable. If you need something done and done right, you can count on Suzi to deliver!"
Website Copy Writer
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"Suzi is really good at asking the right questions and get the content out of brain into the paper. She uses real-world words to write copies that resonate with the target market."