Steps on Building Thought Leadership for Tech Companies

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Have you come across C-suite executives in Tech, or are you one of them? What are the leadership challenges in technology today? The positions C-suite executives and other business leaders in the tech industry hold are some of the most challenging assignments in the 21st Century. Being regarded as a tech industry thought leader is […]

The Purpose of Thought Leadership in Tech Companies

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Technology is one of the rapidly growing and consistently changing industries today, hence an incredibly exciting field to work in. Competition becomes stiffer with the tech industry being well fleshed out, making it difficult to stand out. Persons or businesses that cannot keep up with the latest technologies are left behind. An ideal means to […]

Why Is Technology Thought Leadership Important?

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Technology is one of the largest industries. According to recent reports, more than 11 million people are employed in the technology sector in the United States. There are over 525,000 technology businesses in the U.S. This creates immense competition.  Simple marketing was enough for a tech company to stand out and access opportunities in the past. But, […]

How Does Technology Help Leadership?

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No matter the type of tech operation you run, adopting modern technology remains a key factor to your success. Besides optimizing your costs, it can boost your productivity. In addition to preventing errors, it may also improve your overall customer experience.  But the perks of Technology Leadership are not limited to these aspects. When used […]