Boost Your Consulting Business Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach that attracts, engages, and retains an audience. This strategy focuses on establishing expertise and promoting awareness through sharing relevant videos, articles, podcasts, and other media content. For that reason, content marketing is an ideal marketing approach for any business set up in consulting. You want to cut yourself the figure of a firm at the top in any sector as far as information is concerned. By using the right set of digital marketing strategies such as visual storytelling, effective execution, and SEO techniques to reach your target audience, you will prove to be a high-value resource. Continue reading this guide as we take you through some of the most effective content marketing services for consultants in 2022.

Set Yourself as a Thought Leader to Market Your Business Goals

content marketing services for thought leaders

As a thought leader, you can reach your potential clients and offer them valuable content. There are several ways to do that: First, you can speak and present at conferences and events. That way, you have the chance to showcase your expertise in a specific niche to an audience interested in your content. Secondly, blogging is another approach to presenting yourself as a thought leader. Once you have a webpage, you can start sharing your thoughts and insights on a blog post to reach audiences on a global scale. Finally, setting up a podcast is a great content strategy to set yourself up as a thought leader. Some people will prefer audio to video formats, probably because they can listen to them while doing other things. The best part is that podcasts are relatively cheaper to produce and provide a long-term solution as a marketing strategy.

Leverage Google’s Local Listings 

At this age, most people will learn about a company by doing a Google search. Many business owners already understand the importance of online marketing and register their firms on the search engine to ensure existing and potential clients find them easily. That said, use Google My Business (GMB), a free-to-use tool that helps your business appear on Google search engines and Google Maps. After signing up, keep your account relevant by writing excellent business descriptions and monitoring your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and customer reviews. Once you start generating traffic after Google verifies your listing, use the Reserve with Google (RwG) tool to accept appointments from clients. RwG allows your searchers to book an appointment with you directly from Google search, maps, and websites. Even better, it lets you add a “Book Now” option from which you take appointments. If all this information sounds a bit technical, reach out to WOW Factors Websites as they have the right digital marketing experience to help you achieve your business goals.

Reach Potential Clients Through Social Media 

Social media networking is among the most efficient ways to reach your audience. In this case, focus on building an active follower base, making connections, and making sure you create content. However, making social media connections is not an easy feat. It might take years before you achieve the following you desire. But you can make it by modeling your marketing campaign on making connections rather than selling. For that reason, it would be helpful if you publish social media posts such as blogs, webinars, podcast interviews, e-books, and case studies on social media to generate website traffic. Creating social media accounts on these platforms:
  • LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a professional platform, probably why many clients prefer LinkedIn for consultancy services. On this platform, you can connect with a prospective audience and, if possible, convert them into your clients. When using LinkedIn to market your firm, ensure the page contains key achievements, testimonials from clients, certifications, and the associations you are part of.
  • Twitter 
Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter is a casual platform that you can use to direct an audience to your blog or podcast. Try and create high-quality content and promote it on this online platform if possible by using relevant hashtags when posting, retweeting other people’s businesses and content while personalizing it using Q&A sessions for people to know you better.

Co-market with Other Consultancy Firms to Expand Your Presence

This strategy is suitable for small consulting businesses and those firms without a strong social media base, marketing plan, or blog. Ideally, consultant co-marketing works as a referral technique, only focusing on businesses whose services complement each other. One advantage of co-marketing is that businesses promote and boost each other with minimal effort. Here are the best businesses you can partner with today:
  • Content writers
  • Digital marketing experts
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Web designers
  • Engineering consultants
  • Legal consultants

Create Referral Programs 

This marketing strategy involves getting new clients through word of mouth and recommendations from existing ones. The best part is that the new clients will already understand the services you offer from trustworthy sources. As a result, the referred party develops trust in your business from the word go. Even better, referrals programs are an economical way to acquire new customers in your business. And if you want to keep receiving more clients, consider incentivizing both parties, the referred person and the referrer. In this case, incentives include discounts, gifting premium e-books, and giving them finders fees.

Work With Our Top Content Marketing Consultant Today!

top content marketing agency in usa Having a consulting business means you have to rely on various marketing techniques to attract a more extensive clientele. Content marketing efforts that will generate organic traffic for your business using SEO techniques have worked magic over the years. And since content marketing is among the leading marketing strategies in 2022, leveraging it can significantly boost your consultancy’s growth now and in the future. At WOW Factor Websites, you’ll find the most professional content marketing consultants who can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. We provide these content marketing consulting services to our clients:
  • Professional web design: We will help develop and design websites for attorneys, tech companies, and consultants.
  • Content creation and marketing: WOW Factor Websites understands the importance of great content. For that reason, we generate factual, well-researched, and valuable content for your website to build credibility and trust in your consultancy firm.
  • Expert SEO services, both local and national: Besides creating excellent content, we will ensure it reaches your audience by offering you the best local and national SEO services.
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