How Our Content Marketing Consultants Work

We Believe There’s Only One Valid Measure Of A Website…

How Many Viable Leads It Brings You Week After Week

You might be asking, “Is this a fit for my business?” These are the things that you can expect when you work with us:

As You Consider A Long-Term Working Relationship

You Want To Understand The Values Of Our Business

As in any relationship, values are important in a working arrangement. You look for an alignment in values. These are the foundation values of our business.

Every Business Is Unique

These Are The Things That Are Unique About This Business

Part of claiming your space in the business world is spotlighting your uniqueness. You want to stand out among competitors. These are the competitive advantages we offer.

We’re focused on developing and promoting Thought Leaders. We work with many types of clients but our favorites are Thought Leaders. We specialize in helping clients identify and develop their thought leadership positions.

Site content is customized from coaching interviews. We work with you personally—in phone interviews—to develop your website content. Clients regularly speak out the most amazing words and concepts. We help you clarify who you work with and what you say to them to get their attention.

Everything about your website is strategic. We believe that a website is a marketing strategy and that everything about it should be strategic. You’re not just doing a “bunch of stuff”. We’re creating a strategy and working with you to execute it.

We incorporate concepts of the Buyer’s Journey into everything we do. In marketing, the buyer’s journey is the three-stage process a prospect goes through to become a buyer. 1) Awareness of a problem. 2) Consider and evaluate potential solutions. 3) Decide to buy. Everything we do moves your prospects along the Buyer’s Journey.

Uniquely, we provide the skills to design high-end packages and write the sales page. Designing high-end packages is a unique skill and also a rare one. We work with our clients to create packages that they can charge 2X, 3X, 4X their original prices. In one case, it was even 10X.

Our websites are lead funnels. We’ve said this repeatedly, but everything we do on and with your website is to bring you new leads every month.

We are fanatical about your site visitors’ user experience. User experience includes things like site load time, scrolling, links and navigating between pages. We do everything possible to make user experience a very positive one on your site. Nothing should disturb the user from free flowing through your site towards a decision.

We provide a marketing system with multiple components. It’s a marketing machine all customized to your business. Everything we do is designed to fit with all the other parts of the system. Team members coordinate so that everything works together.

EVERYTHING—And We Mean Everything—Is SEO-Optimized. You need an overall SEO strategy for each component of your website strategy. That means the website, blog, social media, download, and content strategy.

Your marketing is done for you automatically—with class and integrity. You get simplicity—and feel confident that everything is happening in the background—for you. Whatever goes out in your name represents you authentically and appropriately.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how we work, our values, and our uniqueness, go to Starter Sites to learn about our basic package.