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We Help Lawyers Become Thought Leaders Through Creation of Quality and Optimized Websites

If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise in your law specialization, then thought leadership might be for you. A thought leader is an informed expert in a field or topic to whom people turn for informed opinions. Thought leaders are quick to recognize needs in the legal industry and usually spearhead changes and developments. 

At Wow Factor Websites, we help lawyers like you establish themselves as thought leaders by creating informative websites that will place you and your ideas in front of millions of people in the US to grow your name and brand. 

Our comprehensive website design and optimization are handled by professionals who possess in-depth thought leadership knowledge and experience. So, if you’re a lawyer or law firm looking for a service that gives you actual, tangible results, we’re most certainly, your best bet.

Our Tried-and-Tested Team Is What You Need as Thought Leader in Law

Knowing that you can be a thought leader and taking the first step towards becoming one are two different things. Usually, the latter is what separates actual thought leaders and people who aspire to become thought leaders. You might have the right mindset, knowledge, and expertise in your niche, but you need someone who understands how to get the right audience to pay attention to you. 

At Wow Factor Websites, we realized long ago that the internet is where most people turn to for legal opinion, guidance, and help. And so, we’ve been helping many lawyers and law firms across the nation grow their careers to exponential heights and, consequently, become successful thought leaders. Now, what exactly does our thought leadership for lawyers’ package entail? Our main services include:

Professional Website Design

The first step to creating a digital presence for your legal practice is launching a website. We can design and develop a functional website for lawyers regardless of specialization.

Content Creation and Marketing

Your content is the backbone of your site. As your trusted advisors, our job is to make sure you have valuable, factual, and targeted content on your website to build credibility and trust in your law firm among your audience.

Expert SEO: Local and National

Once you have a website and great legal content, the next step is getting it in front of the right people. We offer both local and national search engine optimization services for thought leaders in the legal field.

What Makes Our Thought Leadership for Lawyers Process Unique?

At Wow Factor Websites, we believe in sharing all the details that make you stand out as a legal sector thought leader. We will help you claim your unique space in even the broadest legal services niche by shining light on all of your special qualifications, professional milestones, personal achievements, publications, and so on. 

We understand that you might feel that your journey to establishing yourself as a law thought leader is complicated. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the trouble since our services ensure that you effortlessly gain authority and broader exposure in a space that has since become incredibly competitive. That said, check out what makes our thought leadership development process unique:

  • We will draw content for your website from phone interviews with you to ensure that your site is as customized as it can be. 
  • All of the solutions we provide to you, be it thought leadership content, local SEO, website services, or national SEO, are strategic to ensure that you realize quantifiable results. 
  • We will include your journey as a lawyer on your website to help paint a clear picture of your career journey to make you relatable to your audience. 
  • We will help you create detailed sales pages to ensure that you always get the right monetary compensation for your services. 
  • We will do everything possible to ensure that your website attracts genuinely interested leads in what you offer and stand for.

You Hold Convictions About Using
The Law For The Betterment Of Society

To you, it’s not just about the money—you want to use the law to improve lives. You have a vision that guides your practice of law. Not for you the cynicism that can so easily creep into legal work. To you, it’s all about making a positive difference.

You Hold Convictions About Using
The Law For The Betterment Of Society

It’s relevant for you to know that we have insider experience working at law firms. I was the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Of Bronson, Bronson & McKinnon, (a 450-person, four-branch-office San Francisco law firm). A lot of the work I did there was organizational streamlining. I understand your industry from the inside out.

We’ve written websites for law firms, and understand your unique “advertising” needs. You must stay within bar ethics constraints while making constant rain. It’s challenging. You need a rainmaker site that operates in the background while you’re taking care of clients. It’s doable.

Do You Want to Be a Thought Leader Lawyer? We Help You Position Yourself as One!

Suppose you feel you are a thought leader in the making and are ready to take the first step towards actualizing your goal. In that case, you need the services of reliable content and website professionals like Wow Factor Websites.

They will help you reach out to your target audience with the right information while authenticating your authority in the legal sphere. We have just the right team of experienced SEO, website, and content experts at Wow Factor Websites ready to help you put your unique message out there. To get started on your thought leadership journey, fill out the contact form on our website to book an appointment today. 

These are some of the types of law offices we work with. It’s not a complete list. You likely use one of the following phrases to describe your overall services.

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