Thought Leadership for Technology Companies

Generating leads for your business depends on your tech-savviness. Proper thought leadership, backed by bleeding-edge technology and a strong social media presence, will put you ahead of the pack. Take advantage of emerging technology to drive more sales and create compelling content with our technology thought leaders!

Thought Leadership Solutions that Delivers Real ROI

It’s a fact now that technology is the best way to the bank. As a thought leader proficient in emerging technology, your company is on course to making more sales and converting more customers.

Thought Leadership Services for Technology Companies

We help you create a marketing magnate out of your website. We utilize simple and well-thought-out digital transformation of your website to enhance your customer experience. Our team can present your content, company, company culture simply and effectively – website design, well-crafted images, Q&A sections, interior pages, and templates that are ready for SEO optimization. Our web solutions and thought leadership marketing strategies convert your visitors into sales.

  • Top-quality writing: Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot goes into churning out high-quality content that you’d need to hire a content marketer. Maintain a lean startup by taking advantage of our team of content marketers that specialize in high-quality technology web content from big data to quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, and any new digital disruption. Engage your social media readers with well-researched content that’ll drive up sales.


  • Consolidating your contacts: When you have been in the tech industry for a couple of years, you are bound to end up with a huge contact list for your clients, suppliers, and colleagues. Having a central repository of all your contacts makes the buying journey as sweet as the selling – not just for you, your contacts. We’ll help you build a database for your contacts that’ll improve your business strategy and improve your thought leadership marketing. Grow your business intelligence by tapping unexplored business opportunities today to increase your income.


  • Efficiency: Thought leadership is well established by other companies as a means of increasing efficiency. Simplifying niche topics allow decision-makers and other thought leaders to make decisions and come up with a management strategy in a specific industry easily. Efficiency ensures sustainability for a company.
  • Simplify business and technology topics: Thought leaders simplify technology and complex concepts that clients can easily understand through thought leadership marketing. We scout influencer leaderboards to source thought leaders covering business and tech and scrutinize all the hats they wear to bring high-quality thought leadership content. Leverage our social media activity for a holistic view of your company from the supply chain, management. 

  • More reach: Unless you work in the technology industry, some of the concepts are, without a doubt, hard to grasp. There is a lot of available technology that a layman will not use because they don’t understand its benefit. That’s where a thought leader’s influence comes in handy. Ideas can be translated into simple articles relevant to customers and clients.

  • Costs savings: Less is more when it comes to simplifying business and technology topics. When you research topics that clients are interested in, you’ll spend less educating them with proper simplification. Leave the process of understanding the technology to the tech thought leaders and focus on your clients’ use of the technology. Leverage thought leadership content in saving marketing and training costs for your company.

Become a Thought Leader Now in the Technology Industry

Tech companies need to be proactive when it comes to thought leadership. You need to become a thought leader to remain competitive. Stay ahead of the pack with our design thinking and technology thought leadership services.

Keep up with the trends.

Thought leaders create thought leadership content in a very dynamic environment. You cannot afford to be left behind with the emerging technologies. It’s no wonder that c suite executives in different companies hire us for our expertise in business and technology topics.

Ship high-quality thought leadership content.

Thought leaders are looked upon to provide answers to consumer queries and concerns. We help you to be the first point of information for your readers and followers. Consistency is what will set you apart from your competitors. Leverage our expertise and knowledge in creating premium thought leadership marketing content, articles, and blogs today!

Stick to a niche.

Your followers, clients, and colleagues expect value for their time. Pick a niche and become an expert in it. It could be marketing, research, climate change, open innovation, AI, big data, change management, predictive analytics, or content marketing. Let us help you find your niche and become the top leaders in that industry.

We’re Geeks Here And Love Tech Companies…

The Most Important Thing For Your Business Is Revenue Yesterday

Everything we do positions your business to bring in leads and drive revenue ASAP. What you have to be able to do is to “translate” the engineer’s “geek speak” into “normal people” language. That’s usually your biggest marketing problem.

Benefits Are What Sells Your Tech Products—Not Features

You need to demonstrate how your target market benefits from using your product or services. This means you need to let go of attachment to back-end tech and take the viewpoint of your user. Most engineers don’t find that easy to do.

Our Business Started With Technical Writing In 1994

Back in the “olden days”, I spent 8+ years doing technical documentation and technical illustration. I worked primarily in the software and financial services industries, and specialized in user, implementation, operations, and processes and procedures documentation.

My clients were Fortune 500 companies (Oracle, Visa, PG&E and Charles Schwab), and startups (many companies no longer in existence). I have that geek brain that thinks in terms of software tasks and organizing masses of information into simple-to-understand language.

One small factoid: I can distill a complete manual or complex process into a single elegant illustration. My specialty was designing and documenting technical manual book templates. OK, bona fides established, all these specific skills are currently applied to writing websites for various types of apps, SaaS, and other tech-related service companies.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader in the Technology Company? Contact Us Today!

Suzi from Wow Factor Websites has experience helping different technology companies build strong thought leadership. Together with her team, she can help you create a thought leadership website with optimized content so you can stand out from the competitor as a thought leader in the technology space. Using our thought leadership services, leaders in the industry get more business, whether creating articles, writing a blog, or content for your social media. Be an example to your peers today and influence change in your niche through a well-designed blog and top-rates articles.

We do more than help you talk about your brand or business or what’s trending in the news. We build your profile and credentials as a thought leader and help you increase brand awareness and engagement. Start your thought leadership journey today and access our free checklist! Visit our blog, stay in touch, become an excellent thought leader with our world-class services.

This is not a complete list, but rather to suggest the kinds of tech companies we aim to work with. You likely use one of the following phrases to describe your overall services.

Where To Next?

Now you understand more about the kinds of tech companies we work with. Read about my story and my background at About Suzi.