Leadscape Learning

Where The Business Was When We Started The Project

When we started the project, the two founders had the following problems:

  • They were unable to describe their services so that their prospects could understand them. This was a huge challenge for them. They weren’t communicating the value.

  • They were too embarrassed to send prospects to their site, and avoided doing so.

  • They had a big vision in their minds, but could not get it out into words that attracted targeted clients.

What We Did 

I worked with both founders together in phone interviews, and accomplished the following: 


These are some of the results that the founders got with their new website: 

  • The website now does most of the heavy lifting of the sales cycle. They point prospects to the appropriate page on the site. Before initial sales conversations, prospects start off fully informed. It’s easier to close new business. 
  • They get new clients from the web site alone, from far-flung countries 
  • All their services are clearly described and easily understood by their corporate clients. 
  • They are proud to send prospects to their site.  
  • Their big vision is now clearly laid out on the website in words that attract targeted clients.