Local SEO: Elevate Your Local Search Visibility and Ranking

In the digital marketing world, many companies gain success online by positioning themselves as thought leaders in their particular market and reaping the benefits of organic search results. Becoming a thought leader has many benefits for your business, including return visits from potential and actual customers looking to you for insight and advice regarding your products or services and improved Search Engine Optimization, brand recognition, and increased traffic to your website. Analytics and other tools of data analysis will show when a web page is relevant and ranks well.

The best way, of course, to establish your business as a thought leader is through exceptional content marketing because, as the saying goes, content is king when it comes to SEO marketing tactics and strategies. Content marketing means that your company must create new, fresh, and interesting articles, tips, and resources on your site, in your blog, and on social media that inform, educates, and persuades customers. All of the best Search Engine Optimization tactics cannot be effective if the technical content on your site is not powerful and impressive to both human users and search engines who will be ranking your site.

Additionally, companies who are thought leaders in their market should consider the importance of local SEO when it comes to their content – SEO agencies worldwide will agree.

Although it is great to have national recognition for the products or services your business offers, you may not be able to become a thought leader without support from your local community. Investing the time and effort to rank high in the local search results means that you will have the thought leadership role you want and the local customer base you need to succeed in your industry.

What Is Local SEO?

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Local SEO is an aspect of digital marketing directly related to SEO but on a smaller scale. Rather than working to rank for certain important keywords on a national level, local SEO marketing strives to help your company rank above your competition in your local region (whatever areas your business serves). It uses all of the same techniques, tactics, resources, and tools that an SEO company would use to raise your ranking, and the results focus on local customers who are actively searching for your products or services right now.

Thought leaders often spend their time writing content for a general audience interested in their industry. Still, some of that content should also focus on the local region for the best SEO results, as shown through Google analytics. For instance, a law firm in Colorado can become a thought leader for the legal field by sharing expert information on legal situations that individuals may encounter throughout their lives and how a lawyer can help handle those circumstances. However, these law firms should not forget that the residents of Colorado will be looking to their website for advice concerning specific occurrences where they may need a lawyer. Perhaps a personal injury lawyer would want to post content about skiing accidents or weather (snow and ice)-related vehicle collisions which may often happen on Colorado roads during the wintertime. Posting some content that applies to the Colorado region will allow the law firm to remain a leader within the legal field and rank higher in local SEO search results.

This online marketing content will also be impressive to any search engine like Google as it crawls your site and refines the local search rankings.

Why Does Local SEO Matter?

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Local SEO for thought leaders matters because it can truly be a make-or-break situation for companies and those looking to become thought leaders in their industry. However, it is impressive to know that you have such an effective marketing strategy and the best SEO possible to rank on search engines like Google on a national level. The real importance of this ranking must come with conversions and sales. SEO experts consulting with businesses know that companies looking to rank on the national or even international level have stiff competition and may not see the conversion rates increase as much as the traffic increases.


The reason traffic to your website may rise, but the conversion rate is not affected may relate to your location. Potential customers who have found your large or small business may be interested in working with you due to your useful content articles and well-developed online marketing strategy. However, it will be disappointing if they find out that you do not serve their area. Some of the best SEO techniques focus on the local level (not just user experience or link building) as effective business strategy and marketing. If you are that Colorado law firm and rank nationally for your content, that is great but will not help a client contacting you from Florida. If you cannot provide your service to a client, the greatest search marketing strategies will not help to convert that client.

As a part of your thought leadership goal, be sure to focus part of your efforts on the local search level. Digital marketing experts from experienced SEO agencies can help you plan a strategy that must include text pieces, blog posts, and social media marketing that narrows the window to your local business. Google and other search engine crawlers will recognize your local search efforts and increase your ranking so that potential clients in regions you serve can reach out to you and convert you into actual customers.

Local SEO Services for Thought Leaders

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As a thought leader in your field, you are considered the primary expert in your specialty area based on research and experience. You are prolific in creating high-quality, keyword-rich, fresh content on your website for your clients and others in your industry. Thought leaders understand the value of this information and have a well-developed search marketing plan, link building within the web pages and blog posts, and share their expertise through social media outlets. Some businesses, however, do not consider the benefits of local search and local SEO when it comes to the success of their blog posts or other thought pieces and continuing to be thought leaders.

Local patrons want to find you and are actively searching for you. Creating information that focuses on local search marketing will show clients and search engines like Google that you have authority in your industry and your clients’ best interests at heart. With the increased traffic from your thought leadership content, you will also get high conversions from your local clients. At Wow Factor Websites, our team is here to help your company get more high-quality leads through Google from your local area as you focus on continuing to be a leader in your industry.

Contact Wow Factor Websites to learn more about how to help your company become an online thought leader in your local area and why our websites are designed for success. We use data and analysis (a must in SEO) to help you formulate an effective marketing plan. Also, we use all of the tools (like keyword research and lead generation tools) we have at our disposal to get you the leads and conversions you need as a thought leader in your industry.

If you think that your company might be an ideal fit for our thought leaders and lead generation services, contact us to set up an appointment. We are happy to discuss our services further and the types of problems we can help you solve.