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Bring In Revenue Fast—And Satisfy Your Clients’ Needs

Do you want to launch a new service online, but it feels like there are too many obstacles.

You’re Looking For A Quick And Painless Solution

To Getting Leads For A Single New High-End Service

Brush all these obstacles aside and get your service out into the market. You don’t have to have a huge website to get leads. You can get started faster than that.

This Package Is Designed To Solve Specific Problems

Problems That Our Target Clients Need Solved

Our clients—who sell professional services—have specific needs. Most are associated with being more nimble and agile in providing new services to their markets. These are the problems this package has been designed to solve.

Your new service offering needs an online presence to launch. This new service is exciting and you can’t wait to get it off the ground. In fact, your clients NEED this service—and your market is looking for it!

It’s time to get a fast injection of revenue to build your business. You need new $$$ now. With a new service to sell, you don’t want a long lag time between you and growing your profit.

You currently only need to sell a single package of services. You’re sitting on an opportunity that is singular and needs a singular solution. You’re looking for a simple and direct path to an online presence.

It’s time to test the waters for a new business offering. You’ve been successful in other endeavors, and are ready to market a new service. You’re looking for the most direct way to access your market and present your service to them.

Your business isn’t ready for or doesn’t need a full professional website. Maybe you don’t have the budget. Possibly you don’t have the time. It might be that your business isn’t currently “put together” enough, or going through changes. It’s frustrating—and you need revenue—but that’s the position you’re in.

You Need A Simple And Direct Path To Launch

One That Solves Those Specific Problems For You

You want a quick-to-market resolution to resolve your issues. It’s time to take action and get your new service out into the world. These are the outcomes you can reasonably expect from this package.

You Want To Understand All The Benefits…

When You’re Considering Buying A Package Of Services

We’ve spent a lot of time stuffing this package with benefits. Everything has been thought out to design a lead funnel site—content, SEO, site design and structure, and ongoing follow-up marketing. These are the benefits you can expect from this package.

This is the fastest way to bring in leads for a single package of services. It’s possible to get this into operation within fourteen business days from start to finish. You don’t have to spend months getting it together and making it happen.

You can test a new service without investing in a full website. We have plenty of clients who are looking for a new direction for their business. If you’re trying to stay at the leading edge of your market’s needs, this is a perfect solution.

When you’re ready to build a full website, you already have a site template. Some of our clients use this as a way to get in the game. Once the service package on this starter-sized website is bringing in money, you can go big. You don’t have to start from scratch to develop a full site. Just build onto your existing starter site.

You are interviewed by a business coach/professional writer. You get one-on-one coaching and consulting from a professional. For four years, I was a coach for “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” SuccessTracs coaching company. I’ve been interviewing clients, and writing content from interviews since 1994.

Together we build a high-end package of your services to sell. There’s both an art and a science to building high-end packages. This is my specific area of expertise. The secret is to build value—both perceived and actual. When a prospect reads the package information, you want them to become convinced you can provide the outcome they desire. Then, they feel compelled to have a conversation with you—and possibly to buy.

Content on the site is formatted to be scannable. When a visitor lands on a site, they don’t typically read. They only scan and decide whether or not to read. For that reason, we specifically design the site to be scannable. We do that by using H2 and H3 headlines, and bolding the first sentence of each paragraph. The prospect should be able to glean the entire “story” when they just scan the page. That’s what makes them go back and read all the details. Observe it in use on this site.

The content on your site is designed to do 95% of your sales process. The site tells prospects everything they need to know to be ready to buy. When they contact you, they already understand what you’re selling. You don’t have to start from scratch on a sales process.

You get an SEO-optimized starter site written, built, optimized, launched, and promoted. You get it all—content, SEO, site design and construction, and ongoing promotion. It’s an easy process for you as a client, only requiring your time for interview(s) and forms.

On your behalf, our team of professionals drives targeted leads to your site. Paid ads are built, optimized and managed to drive traffic. You don’t have to get involved—except for minimal time for monthly reviews of results.

You get full transparency on results with a dashboard and written reports. You’re not sitting there wondering where your money is going or what it’s buying you. You get to see results as they’re happening.

Your SEO and paid ads strategy is consistently checked and tweaked. It’s happening in the background while you’re delivering services to your clients.

We regularly discuss your SEO and paid ads strategy and make suggestions. This is not one of those situations where you spend a lot of money but don’t have a feel for the strategy behind it. We want you in the loop—as much as you need to know. We recommend and you decide.

Your site visitors’ user experience is important throughout the site. This includes things site load time, scrolling, links, and navigating between pages. There are many minute details that contribute to creating a positive user experience on your site. Every detail is considered to keep the user moving towards a decision.

The Buyer’s Journey is rifled throughout your content. We take your prospects through the three stages: 1) Awareness of a problem. 2) Consideration and evaluation of potential solutions. 3) Decision to buy. The Buyers Journey guides all our work.

As You Consider This Package, You Want To Know…

All The Details Of How This Service Works

Obviously, it starts with your purchase. Next, you’re going to provide specific needed information on a form. From there, things happen as quickly as you are ready for. Here are the details on how the whole process works.

Step One: Write The Website


We set an appointment for an interview. You need to be able to set aside the time. The amount of your time required can vary depending on how clear you are on the details when we start. This site might require 2-4 hours of interviews.


Our SEO team starts working in the background on your keyword research. Their job is to position your service above your competitors in search results. They formulate a keyword strategy for your site.

Write And Approve

After the interview, we write the content for your starter site. It includes a sales page for a high-end package—in the typical format for a sales page. We provide all the information your prospects need so they are ready to buy when they speak to you. Your targeted keywords are worked into the content.

Professional writing. Five (5) pages written:

(1) Home page
(1) Who We Work With page
(1) High End Packages (design and write the page)
(1) About page
(1) Schedule A Strategy Session page

Step Two: Build The Website

Design And Build The Website

As we’re working on the content, your site is being built in the background. The intake form gave you an opportunity to select your design, upload your logo, and choose your theme and colors. Building the site is designed to be a fast and efficient process.

A Note About Mobile Design

Our sites are mobile-optimized to fit Google’s mobile-first indexing. Not only that, we consistently follow Google’s direct suggestions on improving a site for mobile. Our mobile websites have large buttons for easy navigation, with prominently-displayed click-to-call and click-to-map buttons. We focus on tracking and analyzing how mobile users interact with your site, and constantly tweak to improve results.

You view the site and approve the design. Once the site is finalized, you get to see what it’s looks like. You have the chance to provide input and request design changes. Once approved, it’s a go.

Format The Site Content

Once the content has been approved, it’s put up on your site and formatted. Note that the content is formatted to be scannable. We want your prospects to understand the whole page by simply scanning your H2 and H3 headings and the bolded first sentences. This is critical.

Optimize The Site

The site is turned over to our SEO team for optimization. They work their magic behind the scenes with both technical (making it easy for search engines to crawl) and on-page (optimizing content) SEO. We only employ SEO current best practices so that your site is optimized to show up in searches.

Step 3: Promote The Website

Develop Paid Ad Strategy

While we’re writing and building the site, our ad team is developing your paid ad strategy. There’s no point in launching a site and not driving traffic to it immediately. A new site is competing with millions of other sites and is highly unlikely to show up in search results without a paid ad boost.

The secret to getting immediate results (leads) is paid ads. This package includes developing, launching, and perfecting a paid ad campaign. We launch your paid ad strategy when we launch your site. The ads are highly targeted to exactly the prospects you want for clients.

Execute The Ad Strategy Every Month

As the site is launched, our ad team constantly works to drive leads. OK, they’re gearheads who live for this kind of technical stuff. You and I don’t really have to know how they do it. We can just go about our own business of providing services. What matters is you get results.

Refine The SEO Every Month

Our team consistently refines site SEO every month. They are checking everything. You won’t have weird links to nowhere or 404 Redirects that make you look stupid. They are refining a variety of SEO activities, and thrive on improving your results.

Track Leads From The Site

We track all leads you get from the site. This includes calls, contact forms, and appointments scheduled. You know exactly how many new leads you’re getting for your money. Now, it’s up to you to close those leads. But, you know month-to-month the number of leads you’re getting from the site.

Consult Monthly On Website Promotion Strategy

We meet with you monthly to discuss your results. It’s important to be in touch with our clients and to monitor your satisfaction as we work together. We want to deliver the kind of ROI that makes you happy to keep paying us.

We believe that connecting with you regularly is part of the package. If you’re not happy for any reason, we want to know “face to face”—remotely of course. We fix problems—if any—quickly. As you see more and more results month after month, we love sharing that news with you.

Here’s A Quick Bullet List Summary…

Of Everything You Get In This Package

Professional Coaching And Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Design

Promoting The Website

You Need To Solve Specific Problems For Your Business

Overcoming These Issues Is Paramount For Growth

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