Website Design Packages for Supercharged Sites

This Package Delivers A Full Website…

And The Design And Building Of Three High-End Packages

When it’s time to develop a new website, you want a coordinated experience. Most of us have had at least one previous website nightmare—trying to work with multiple vendors. It’s so unpleasant, and a big waste of time. It seldom ends well.

You Want A Sleek And Coordinated Website Process…

To Build And Promote A Full-Sized Lead-Funnel Site

We’ve designed this package so that everything fits together into a system. The various experts all work as a team to give you a lead funnel website. You won’t have to recruit, vet, and hire. Everything is coordinated for you.

This Package Solves Specific Problems

When You Need A New Site, You Need To Face These Issues

Our clients—who sell professional services—have specific website needs. You need to stand out from your competitors. Your messaging has to land with impact for your target market. Site visitors must quickly conclude that your services deliver more value than those of your competitors. You need them thinking, “I’d be an idiot if I don’t contact this provider!” These are the problems your site needs to solve.

You have a vision of an upgraded business, and want help realizing that vision. You need a sounding board to evaluate ideas for adding more value to the services you provide for your clients.

You’re ready to take that next leap—and want to eliminate the associated pain. You currently have momentum, and it’s critical that building a new site doesn’t interrupt it. Only an end-to-end service is going to work for you.

It’s time to grow your business and turn your ideas into increased revenue. To build on current success, you need a lead funnel site that predictably attracts new clients. And it needs to happen without taking time away from your business.

You’re committed to increasing value to clients—and increasing your prices—by 2X to 10X. You love boosting benefits to your clients. Your rich background and deep experience make it easy to repackage your services, and improve results to clients. Increased value commands increased prices.

Your new website HAS TO funnel leads to you. The bottom line for your website must be that it produces leads and new business. There’s not much point in investing in an online brochure site.

Only A Full-Service Website Agency…

Can Solve All These Specific Problems For You

Your business needs a full-sized professional site—with everything included. It’s time to claim your piece of the market. These are the outcomes this package is designed to deliver.

You’ve realized your vision of an upgraded business—painlessly. Our unique approach of coaching and a sounding board makes it fun and easy to evaluate ideas and add more value.

The business is positioned for the next leap—without your losing any momentum. An end-to-end service makes it easy for you to execute major shifts and still stay focused on your own revenue-generating activities. The coordinated nature of our process gives you an easy path to dramatic growth.

Your ideas are real offerings on your new website, and grow your business. You generate increased revenue and find it’s easier to get new clients.

Hear that sound—the sound of new leads landing in your website lead funnel. Your bottom line fattens up right along with the new leads and new business. It’s such a relief not to have to wrestle with all the details. Having a website that is 100% a lead funnel—now that’s life-changing!

Now, the increased value you deliver to clients makes it easy to increase your prices. Prospects review the solutions you provide. When they see what they get, they don’t mind paying 2X to 10X your previous prices. The benefits you deliver are considerable. Prospects review your background and experience, and they’re easily convinced that you can deliver.

Let’s Take The Time To Review The Benefits Of This Package

We Want You To Understand What You’re Considering Buying

We’ve thoughtfully constructed this package with the benefits your business needs. Every element—content, SEO, site design and structure, and ongoing follow-up marketing—aims to produce a lead funnel. These are the benefits you can expect from this package.

This package is designed to produce leads for your business. Best practices change all the time. You can spend months researching “lead funnel websites”. We do all that for you. Our nerds in the backroom LOVE this stuff. You don’t have to worry about it. We handle it for you.

This is a completely comprehensive package with everything coordinated for you. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out every detail of what you need. Years of work have gone into putting together all the details. The best part is that—as best practices change—we stay on top of that for you and make timely needed changes.

We take the approach that launching the site is the beginning not the end of the process. Many clients haven’t made the leap to the necessity for ongoing website promotion. You don’t want your new site to just sit there. We make sure your site is promoted every month.

If you previously purchased a Starter Site, you can build this site from that foundation. It’s a seamless process to scale from one of our packages to the next. That’s a big difference from the typical web designer.

Your content and strategy come from a series of easy interviews. You get one-on-one coaching and consulting from a business coach/professional writer. The interviews are then turned into content for your website. For four years, I was a coach for “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” SuccessTracs coaching company. Since 1994, I’ve interviewed clients, and written content from interviews.

We work together to refine and reposition your business. One of the most fun parts of this package is “reinventing” your business. It’s certainly the part I love the most. There’s a lot of magic that happens in this part of the process. You really have to experience it to understand how it works.

We upgrade your services by designing three high-end packages for you to sell. Together, we repackage your services into a suite of three high-end offerings. The key is to deliver the most desirable outcome that your target market craves. Then, you show how—because of your background—you can obviously deliver on your promises.

We format your website content to be scannable. Typically, site visitors don’t read your site when they first land on it. They only scan it. If they like what they see when they scan, they go back and read the content. You want the prospect to be able to glean the entire “story” you want to tell—during a quick scan. We make the content scannable by using H2 and H3 headings, and bolding the first sentence of each paragraph. Observe it in use on this site.

We design the content on your site to do 95% of your sales process. That means you tell them what they need to know to buy. We make it easy for them to understand your services. We answer all their questions. We want prospects ready to buy when they contact you.

Your site is SEO-optimized at every step of the process. It’s written, built, and launched with SEO incorporated. Even more importantly, after launch, an ongoing SEO strategy continues to improve your position in search engine results.

Once the site is launched, our team of professionals drives targeted leads to your site. This package includes paid ads as the fastest way to feed leads into your sales funnel. Our team builds, optimizes, and manages a paid ad strategy on your behalf. You have only minimal involvement—during efficient monthly reviews of results.

You get full transparency on results with a dashboard and reports. You never have to guess what you’re getting for your investment. You see real-time what’s going on. No sitting there wondering where your money is going or what it’s buying you.

Your SEO and paid ads strategy is consistently checked and tweaked. Professionals—who do this full time—work to improve your results every month. You use your time to close new deals and deliver services to your clients.

We regularly—and efficiently—consult with you on your SEO and paid ads strategy. You can count on our experts to consistently provide ideas on how to get better results. We keep you in the loop—as much as you need to know about the strategy. You know what your money is buying and the results your investment is bringing you.

All content is designed to create a user experience that sells. We ensure that things like site load time, scrolling, links, and navigating between pages are all smooth for the user. A positive user experience means that nothing disturbs them on the path to a decision to work with you.

All content supports the Buyer’s Journey. We make sure to cover all phases: 1) Awareness of a problem. 2) Consideration and evaluation of potential solutions. 3) Decision to buy. Every element “greases” your prospect’s path along the Buyer’s Journey.

As You Shop For A Website Package, You Want To Know…

All The Details Of How The Service Works

Obviously, it starts with your purchase. Next, you’re going to provide specific needed information on a form. From there, things happen as quickly as possible. Here are the details on how the whole process works.

Step One: Write The Website


We set an appointment for an interview as immediately as you are ready. The amount of your time required can vary depending on your clarity and the complexity of the interview subject. For instance, interviews to design high-end packages usually take more time.

We always start the process by working on your Who We Work With page. Everything on the site is customized around your target market. It’s a fun process to redefine, upgrade, and refine your target market. This is the beginning of your being able to increase your prices.


Our SEO team starts working in the background on your keyword research. Their job is to position your service above your competitors in search results.

Write And Approve

After the interview, we write the content for your page. Everything is designed to make it easy for your prospects to understand your business. We want them nodding their head and thinking, “I NEED this!” Your targeted keywords are worked into the content.

Once the first draft is finished, it’s sent to you for approval and edits. Most clients approve quickly. Occasionally, some clients require minor additions or edits—and want to talk them over.

Professional writing. Eight (8) pages written:

Step Two: Build The Website

Design And Build The Website

While we develop the content, your site is designed and built. When you did your intake form, you selected your design, uploaded your logo, and decided on your theme and colors. With our process, building your site is fast and efficient.

You view the first draft of the site and approve the design. You can provide input and request design changes.

Format The Site Content

Once you’ve approved your content, we lay it out on your site and format it. Note that site content is formatted to be scannable. We put a lot of attention on the information a prospect gets with a quick scan. To provide that, we carefully craft the messaging in your H2 and H3 headings and the bolded first sentences. This is critical. Observe it in use on this site.

Optimize The Site

Our SEO team works on optimizing the site throughout the process. They ensure that your site adheres to best practices for both technical (making it easy for search engines to crawl), and on-page (optimizing content) SEO. We make sure your site is optimized to show up (rank) in searches.

Once the first draft is finished, it’s sent to you for approval and edits. Most clients approve quickly. Occasionally, some clients require minor additions or edits—and want to talk them over.

A Note About Mobile Design

Our sites are mobile-optimized to satisfy Google’s mobile-first indexing. We consistently follow Google’s direct suggestions on improving your site for mobile search. We use large buttons for easy navigation, with prominently-displayed click-to-call and click-to-map buttons on our mobile sites. We track and analyze how mobile users interact with your site, and constantly tweak to improve results.

Step Three: Promote The Website

Develop Paid Ad Strategy

While we’re writing and building the site, our ad team works on your paid ad strategy. Organic SEO takes 6-9 months to get you ahead of millions of competitors. A paid ad strategy is the way to immediately get to the top of search results and drive traffic to a newly-launched website. We recommend using a paid ad strategy (short-term results) along with SEO (long-term results).

Execute The Ad Strategy Every Month

Once the site launches, our ad team constantly works to drive leads. You or I don’t have the technical expertise these folks have. They LOVE filling a lead funnel with targeted leads. They do this all day every day. The good news is that you don’t have to know how to do it—just keep on providing services to clients—and let our team bring on the leads.

Refine The SEO Every Month

Our team consistently improves your site SEO every month. They check everything. If they see that something isn’t working, they make adjustments. We track what your site visitors do so we know what’s working. We observe and eliminate any “friction” that gets in the way of site visitors taking action. As opportunities become obvious, we capitalize on them for you.

One of the most important ongoing things we do is conversion rate optimization. What this means is that we track “conversions”—the points where a site visitor does what you request of them. This could be to sign up for your list, download something, submit a contact form, or call you. Remember, we get leads into your funnel so you can convert them into clients.

Track Leads From The Site

We track every new lead you get from the site. Every call, every contact form, every new appointment scheduled—we track it all. It’s no longer a mystery how many new leads you’re getting for your money. You need to close these leads. But, you know exactly how many new leads you’re getting from the site.

Consult Monthly On Website Promotion Strategy

Every month, our team meets with you to discuss your results. We make it a priority to ensure that our clients know what they’re getting for their money. We enjoy monitoring the pulse of your ROI. It’s fun to demonstrate numbers that make it a no-brainer for you to keep working with us.

Connecting with clients regularly is part of the package. We want to know “in person” if there’s anything you think we could or should be doing better. That’s the best way to expose perceived problems—and fix them—immediately. We love sharing good news with you. As you see more and more results month after month, we love delivering positive numbers to you.

Here’s A Quick Bullet List Summary…

Of Everything You Get In This Package

Professional Coaching And Content Writing

Professional writing. Eight (8) pages written:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Design

Promoting The Website

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