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Website Content Is The First Step To A Lead Funnel Site

Content Must Grab And Hold Attention

Prospects decide yes or no within about 6 seconds or less. When you grab them in those first seconds, you have a chance to hold them. The way to grab and hold them is to be relevant to their needs.

Your website is about the prospects you want to attract. It’s not about you. You must demonstrate that you recognize their problems, and address the pain of those problems. That creates identification.

As they identify with what you’re saying ABOUT THEM, they nod in agreement. That keeps them reading and learning more about what you can do for them. That’s exactly the result you’re aiming for.

Site Content Needs To Accomplish Three Things

Without Them, You Won’t Have A Lead Funnel Site

Content is the most critical element of a lead funnel website. What you say makes all the difference in your results. Think of it as your first personal conversation with a prospect.

Your website should be 95% client-centric. Readers don’t care about you until they believe that your services can solve THEIR problem.

You must make it crystal clear how a prospect could benefit from working with you. Your content must remove any “friction” from the lead funnel, and keep prospects moving toward a decision.

Site content should cohesively tell the story of your business. All pages and elements must be crafted into an effective and engaging narrative.

Our Website Content Service Is Unique Among Writers

What We Do Is A Combination Of Writing, Coaching, And Strategic Planning

From most writers, you get only writing. You don’t get coaching. You don’t get strategic consultation. What we do is different. We work with you to upgrade your business and to create an improved version of your business. You get a coach, strategic sounding board, and a writer all combined in a single resource. Here’s how it works.

All website content comes from in-person phone interviews. You talk and I type. It’s always amazing the awesome surprises we discover together. It’s FUN!

I’m a professional coach and have worked for a major motivational company. Our conversations are coaching conversations about building your business.

Interviews are also strategic conversations. As we work together, we’re creating, revising, and positioning your business. Everything is based on sound business strategy.

All Other Website-Related Content Derives From This Strategy

A lead funnel website is not a one-shot deal. Getting the content right is the beginning. To get to the top of search results and stay there, you need an ongoing content strategy. We’ve designed a budget-friendly, simple way for you to execute such a strategy—without your taking focus from your business.

Writers Are All US-Based Native English Speakers

Once website content is complete, ongoing content is handled by the team. It’s more cost-effective for you, and an efficient way to ensure continuity of content production.

Every Piece Of Content Is A Part Of The Lead Funnel

Your whole content strategy is engineered to produce leads. Not only that, it’s consistently refined over time to be more and more productive. You don’t have to do the work. We do that part for you. You give us your ideas, notes or old content to be repurposed.

All Content Is Search Engine Optimized

Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy rifles throughout all content. Unfortunately, many clients I’ve worked with ignore SEO. Believe me, that’s an easy miscalculation to make. We make sure you don’t have to stay on top of search engine algorithm changes and best practices.

All Work Is Built On An Ongoing Content Strategy

In the “olden days”, content was just dumped onto the website. That’s not what works now. What you need to do now is have a content strategy that positions your business. Every piece of content must strategically reinforce that positioning.

We Aim To Position Our Clients As Thought Leaders

Most of our clients aspire to be Thought Leaders. Underneath it all, we want to promote the most positive ideas. Our offerings are designed to move clients more and more into Thought Leadership.

Other Content We Provide

Download To Build A List

You need to build a list as you grow your business. Your download must be irresistible to your target market. What we aim to do is position your download to be valuable enough to entice contact information from website visitors.

We also want a download that could rank high in search results. Such a download is part of your content strategy.

Pillar Content

You use a Pillar Content Strategy to position yourself as a Thought Leader. When you intend to be seen as an expert, you create pillar content. Such content provides in-depth information that answers common questions about your area of expertise. The content is such that it aims to provide high value for your target market, and also rank high in search engines.

Ideally, your pillar content becomes Featured Snippets. These are the small boxes that Google uses AT THE TOP OF SEARCH RESULTS to feature the best answers to common questions. Obviously, getting your content featured in snippets positions you as an expert and catapults you to the top of SEO results.

Your pillar content strategy becomes an interconnected web of related content and high-value links. Imagine doing a search that leads you to a series of valuable articles that answer all your questions. Wouldn’t you consider the author of those articles to be THE EXPERT. That’s the strategy we execute for you.

Blog Posts

Google likes to see fresh content on your website consistently. We take care of creating this fresh content for you. Without it, your Search Engine Optimization ranking suffers. We all know that you’re busy making money, and writing blog posts isn’t a good use of your time. With our blog post services, you consistently get new blog content. It’s relevant to your whole content strategy and supports your pillar content.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how site content contributes to a lead funnel website, review our Websites page to learn about our website design services.