Without Search Engine Optimization…

Your Site Can’t Deliver The Results You Want—Leads

At this point, you have a lead funnel optimized website with conversion-oriented content. You just don’t have any traffic. No one knows about your site yet. This is where Search Engine Optimization kicks in.

Why You Need SEO

Once the site is launched, many of my clients think that they’re at the end of the website process. The truth is that getting your site finished is just the beginning—not the end. SEO is what gets you traction for your site.

Few searchers look past the first page of search results. You need to catapult your site—over millions of other sites—to the first page of results. Think about that fact when you decide whether or not to invest in SEO services for your website.

Three Things You Need To Know About SEO

If you’re like me, you really don’t want to become an SEO expert. Let’s clarify the three most important things for you to know.

To have a successful lead funnel website, you need to invest in SEO. If you’re not using keywords strategically, your site is unlikely to produce leads.

SEO is a long-term strategy. It’s not realistic to expect overnight results. Once you realize how many sites compete with your new site, you’ll understand this. Actually, SEO expertise is what’s going to shorten the time for you to claim top rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is a specialist’s game. Search engine algorithms currently are changing every few months. Only a full-time specialist can keep you and your site on top of results.

Our Website Content Service Is Unique Among Writers

What We Do Is A Combination Of Writing, Coaching, And Strategic Planning

From most writers, you get only writing. You don’t get coaching. You don’t get strategic consultation. What we do is different. We work with you to upgrade your business and to create an improved version of your business. You get a coach, strategic sounding board, and a writer all combined in a single resource. Here’s how it works.

All website content comes from in-person phone interviews. You talk and I type. It’s always amazing the awesome surprises we discover together. It’s FUN!

I’m a professional coach and have worked for a major motivational company. Our conversations are coaching conversations about building your business.

Interviews are also strategic conversations. As we work together, we’re creating, revising, and positioning your business. Everything is based on sound business strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Is A Long Game

Your site won’t climb above millions of other sites overnight. It takes time and strategic ongoing activity to land on page one search results. Approach SEO as a long-term project that will take 6-9 months to achieve your goal.

We want to set the “long-term strategy” SEO expectation here at the beginning. Obviously we all want instant results, but that’s not a realistic expectation for SEO. What we can promise you though is that the geeks on our team get their kicks by beating realistic expectations. They eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. Your wins are their wins, and exceeding expectations makes their day.

SEO Is A Specialist’s Game

Search Engine Optimization is best left to those who do it full time. Your objective is to make money in your business, not put on a nerd hat and toil in the backroom. I mean no disrespect to SEO specialists. It’s a gift to be great at this skill. If you’re like me, you’ve taken search courses over the years, but don’t want to do it full time.

Google now changes their algorithm very frequently. That’s because Google is constantly working to achieve better search results for people. Just put “Google algorithm updates” into a search engine sometime and you’ll get a sense of what’s happening. If you’re not constantly adjusting to these changes, your site can fall precipitously in search results.

The worst part is that you won’t even know or understand why you’re suddenly losing. That’s why you need a dedicated SEO specialist to keep your site on top of changes. You can’t spare the time, energy, and dedication required to do it yourself. It takes too much time away from your business.

You Want To Spend Your Time Making Money In Your Business

While Your SEO Happens In The Background—Done For You

Our objective is to keep you focused on providing services and making money. We want you to get page one results in search engine results. And—we want you to have that position without being distracted from your business. That’s not to say that you won’t know or understand what’s happening. You get consistent, efficient reports on all progress. The rest of the time you’re running your business.

Where To Next?

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