Six-Figure Freelancing On Upwork®

This checklist is packed with ideas on how to take your freelancing to six-figures. It’s filled with do’s and don’ts, best practices, and explanations of why some things work better than others.

Announcing January 2023 Launch

Of A New Online Course

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I’m a six-figure freelancer on Upwork® and building a new course to share. Since I’m so busy actually earning money on Upwork®, I only have weekends to put the course together.

That’s why I’m announcing the launch so far in advance. There are a lot of freelancers who aspire to be Top Rated Plus (top 3%) and need to know how to get there.

So I’m Building A List To Let You Know

When The Course Is Launched

I’ll also be providing you valuable information from now until launch. You’ll get all kinds of tips, hints, checklists, and best practices that you can start to use before the course begins.

Solve The Worst...

Upwork® Freelancer Problems

AWatch this 37-second video to learn about the problems my Six-Figure Freelancing on Upwork® course can solve for you.

This Course Is Designed To Solve These Freelancer Problems

Bringing In New Clients Takes Too Much Of Your Time

If you’re like me, freelancing is the best, but there are challenges. These are some of challenges that this course is designed to solve.

You spend way too much time working on bringing in new clients.

You have to spend so much time marketing that your paid work time is only about half the time you spend working.

You don’t have anywhere nearly as many new client opportunities as you need and want to keep a steady revenue flow.

You Struggle To Get High-Quality Clients Who Pay Well

No matter how much time you spend marketing, you’re not getting the high-quality clients you need.

You accept work with whatever clients come along rather than only working with ideal clients.

You Hate Spending Your Free Time Trying To Land New Clients

You hate the whole “networking events” approach, and how it cuts into your personal free time.

You want to spend every hour of your work time making money, not looking for new clients.

Once you get a new client, you spend weeks negotiating a contract before you can even start an engagement.

Sometimes, It’s Hard To Have A Sense Of Security About Freelancing

You sometimes have to “chase your money” trying to get paid once the work is done.

Occasionally, a deadbeat steals your work, uses it, and never pays you!

DISCLAIMER: I am not officially affiliated With Upwork® Inc. This course is not sponsored by them.

My Course Specifically Solves Those Challenges

It’s All About Leveraging Upwork® Correctly

Maybe you’ve been on Upwork® for a while. Maybe you’ve been “Upwork® curious” and considering trying the platform. One way or another, it’s important that you approach Upwork® freelancing correctly.

These are the solutions my course is designed to deliver.

get new clients

You can...

Get a new client with just a 15-30 minute conversation.

Start a contract with a new client in a minute, instead of negotiating for weeks

Skip the time spent on a written contract, negotiating terms, and signing.

Learn How To:

Spend just a few minutes to send out cut-and-paste proposals that get you interviews.

Have every hour of your work time be paid work time (except for occasional interviews, and minutes spent sending out proposals).

Have your earnings deposited directly into your bank account once a week, every week.

get paid
Change Your Freelancing Business

Change Your Freelancing Business And...

Have confidence that your earnings are guaranteed, and you never have to chase your money.

Easily identify jobs that match your skills, and clients that fit your ideal client criteria.

Search for your next engagement in only a few minutes a day.

My Story

My story about freelancing on Upwork®  is essentially a rags-to-riches tale. In 2017, I was miserable working for an abusive, looney guy at an outrageously underpaid job.

It was my first salaried “job” in decades because I’d been nothing but a freelancer pro since 1994.

The Great Recession had beaten me down with multiple clients ripping me off and not paying. This had never happened before.

Will I End Up On The Streets?

A couple of months after I bought a cute little home, the looney laid me off. Luckily I got unemployment.

I spent the next couple of years trying to find work and wasn’t having any luck.

At one point, things got so bad that my niece came to California to strategize with me about what I could do so I wouldn’t end up on the streets. We couldn’t figure out anything!

I Was Desperate...And Spent Full Time Looking For Work

I was trying everything, so even though I was skeptical, I started signing up on freelancing sites.

I set up a profile on Upwork® (and a bunch of other freelancing sites) and waited for something to happen.

Nothing happened. The jobs were all mostly really low-paid and depressing. “Clients” wanted to pay a few bucks for professional level work worth thousands of dollars.

I Went “All In” On Upwork®

At that point, I found a course taught by an Upwork® freelancer who was making six figures.

Considering my situation, his course was very pricey. It really was an “all-in” gamble for me, but I held my breath and did it.

The course was good and taught me a lot about how to succeed on Upwork®. It was designed for complete newbies, not for a pro like me but…

I desperately and totally threw myself into the course and did nothing else but the course for about six weeks. Everything that was suggested—I did it—and I did it the best that a person could possibly do.

It Took A Lot Of Work

I worked hard and finally decided to double down on my Upwork® play and put all my energy there.

It wasn’t easy, and I made a lot of mistakes…a lot of them. But I finally got my first contract. It was a good job. I did a great job for him and got my first 5-star review.

I Just Kept At It

I applied everything I learned. I kept improving my profile and my proposal and figuring out ways to educate prospective clients.

It was hard work and took a lot of persistence. Some of the time it seemed hopeless. I’d gain some momentum, and then have a bad experience with a wacko client (it happens).

Suddenly I Was At The Top

Then one day I looked at my profile and I was Top Rated, then soon after that became Top Rated Plus (only the top 3% of Upwork freelancers are Top Rated Plus).

By this time, I had done a lot of work for great clients and gotten a lot of 5-star reviews.

Prospective clients would search freelancer profiles and single me out and invite me to interview with them.

There’s an ebb and a flow to the work, but I have all the high quality work I want for all the days I want to work (I only want to work 4 days).

I can pick and choose great clients and only take  projects that are fun and interesting. I don’t have to work for clients who aren’t enjoyable and respectful.

I Constantly Raise My Rates

Here’s the best part, I constantly raise my rates. Whenever I get to a place where I have way more people trying to hire me than I can handle, I bump the price up slightly.

I also keep refining my specialty (writing websites for tech startups and other kinds of complex businesses).

And I keep increasing the amount of value that I deliver to clients (designing the layout of content on the site, directing the web designer, managing the project for the client).

Freelancing on Upwork® is so much more fun for me—without all the problems. I don’t have to worry about getting paid. Just make the clients happy and I get paid.

Here’s What It’s Like Now

No More Of The Stuff You Hate

No more dressing up in networking clothes and spending a miserable evening looking for potential clients.

No more spending weeks negotiating a contract with a new client.

No more worries about deadbeats stealing my work and not paying me. Many of them even had the nerve to use my work on their websites!

No more working with clients who aren’t fun just because I had to have money coming in the door.

No more waiting around to get paid once the job is finished.

Look, Freelancing On Upwork’s Not Perfect

But It’s So Much Better Than What I Was Doing Before

Upwork’s not perfect, there are aggravations. But, it’s far superior to my old “freelancing on my own” way of doing business.

You have the independence of freelancing, without all the pitfalls. Now that I’ve gotten to the top of Upwork®, this is my reality:

Every hour I work is paid at my hourly rate.

I don’t have to worry about not getting paid.

I don’t have to spend any time chasing my money.

My pay is deposited into my account weekly a few days after the work week is completed.

I work with multiple clients at once, so my work doesn’t get boring.

I get to work with some of the most awesome clients in the world. They think I’m brilliant and appreciate everything I say and do.

I’ve Packed My Course Full Of Benefits

Everything Is Designed To Give You Success Like Mine

I’ve specifically designed everything in the course to help you succeed. You want (and I want for you) to become a top Upwork® freelancer commanding hefty rates. If you take the approach I recommend, you can have the same success.

I’ve created content and exercises you can use to work out the best approach for your success. Here’s what’s in the course

  • How to develop the mindset needed to become a Top Rated Plus freelancer with a 100% rating.
  • How to develop the mindset needed to become a Top Rated Plus freelancer with a 100% rating.
  • How to create a library of proposals for every type of job post you want to apply to.
  • How to develop a library of paragraphs you can insert into your proposals to personalize them.
  • How to develop a library of samples you can attach to your proposals to get you an interview.
  • What to do to prepare for and look for during an interview.
  • What to do to prepare for and look for during an interview.
  • How to have a client interview that ends in a contract (if you decide to work with them).
  • How to have a client interview that ends in a contract (if you decide to work with them).
  • How to have a client interview that ends in a contract (if you decide to work with them).
  • How to have a client interview that ends in a contract (if you decide to work with them).
  • Tips on how to operate during the contract so that clients are raving with appreciation for you.

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The checklist is packed with ideas on how to take your freelancing to six figures. It’s filled with do’s and don’ts, best practices, and explanations of why some things work better than others.