Content Marketing Services Packages for Thought Leadership Sites

You Need To Understand Google’s Concept Of An Authority Site

An Authoritative Site (Or Authority Site) Demonstrates Expertise About A Subject

Think of it this way: when you put a term into a search engine, you want a good answer. If a site delivers exactly the answer you need, that site has high authority for that term. Google ranks authoritative websites higher than sites perceived as non-authoritative. 

Google isn’t the only one looking for authority in your website. Your customers are too. They want answers. The quality of your answers influences their decision to work with you. You position yourself and your business as a Thought Leader by consistently demonstrating authority—both to Google and to your customers 

Not Everyone Is Ready To Be A Thought Leader

Being a Thought Leader isn’t just about claiming that title. It’s about BEING that title. If you don’t have thought leadership ideas, this won’t work for you.  

Usually The Practicalities—Not The Creativity—Get In The Way

Most thought leaders I’ve known are constantly coming up with new ideas. This is a primary characteristic of a Thought Leader. There’s no shortage of ideas, but it’s sometimes challenging to execute them. It’s the practical side that gets in the way of making the most of leveraging those ideas.  

 Thought leaders I know have piles of materials they’ve created over time. It’s common that their offices and computers are full of work that’s just gathering cobwebs. There’s no strategy to put the ideas into action. 

 Often the biggest impediment is the richness of ideas and associated lack of time to execute. Highly creative Thought Leaders often move from one new idea to another without monetizing them. Thence the “cobwebs” on those “piles of ideas”.  

We’ve Designed This Package To Solve Your Problems

We’ve Put Years’ Worth Of Experience And Expertise Into It

This is a specialty solution to a specialty problem. Thought Leadership is for the seasoned expert. These are the problems this package has been designed to solve for you. 

  • You don’t know how to position yourself as a Thought Leader. You believe there must be some technology to it and some best practices. You don’t know what really works and what is just “the buzz of the moment” 
  • You’re ready to claim Thought Leadership but don’t have the capacity. You’ve “planned” to be a Thought Leader for a long time. Everyday business realities keep getting in the way. It’s too much to do to deliver your professional services and also do Thought Leadership positioning. 
  • Thought Leadership requires a strategic and systematic approach. It can’t be something that you “just do” when you have a few free moments. You need a strategic partner who coordinates everything to position you and your business for Thought Leadership 
  • You need a done-for-you system working on your behalf—in the background. Your schedule doesn’t allow the time and energy to work on this—you can’t afford distraction. Experts executing for you—that’s what you’re looking for 
  • You’ve created massive amounts of material but have no vehicle to disseminate it. You’re constantly working up new ideas, but run out of bandwidth to monetize it. Occasionally, you look at all that work and want to go forward with it. Then you have to choose between bringing in revenue NOW and setting yourself up for future new revenue. 

Thought Leadership Doesn’t Happen Overnight

And It Doesn’t “Just Happen”—At Least Not Typically

Positioning you and your business for Thought Leadership is a strategic decision. It’s the pinnacle of a career’s worth of hard work. Many experts lose out by failing to intentionally execute this strategy. These are the outcomes you get from this package. 


  • You don’t have to know how to position yourself as a Thought Leader. We handle the technology and best practices for you. We stay on top of what really works—for you. We help you understand effective practices and avoid ineffective fads.  
  • We create the capacity for you to claim Thought Leadership. Your plans turn into reality—while you stay focued on delivering your professional services. You no longer have to choose between growing into a Thought Leader and bringing in revenue. 
  • We provide you a strategic and coordinated approach to Thought Leadership. We are your strategic partner and coordinate these activities for you. You are free from the pressures of having to cram in more work during your few minutes of downtime.  
  • You have a done-for-you system working on your behalf—in the background. We provide the “time and energy” that you can’t spare. Our experts create a situation where you’re free of distraction and we’re executing for you. 
  • Youmassive amounts of material are now driving engagement with your target audience. As you develop new ideas, we provide the bandwidth for you to monetize it. You stay focused on bringing in revenue NOW. We set you up to bring in future revenue from your lead funnel. 

As You Consider This Package, You Want To Know The Benefits

We’ve Built In A Robust Combination Of Integrated Extra

Everything in this package is designed to provide you the benefits you most desire. When it comes time to step into Thought Leadership, you want it to be both easy and effective. Here are the benefits you get from this package. 

  • This package primarily positions you as a Thought Leader. It’s not a one-time thing though. The package is designed to maintain your position as a Thought Leader over time. 
  • Everything is designed to create an automatic marketing machine for you. All parts of the marketing machine work together. Each element contributes to producing leads for your business. 
  • We do all the work for you—you get the benefits. You don’t have to figure out what to do. You don’t have to stay on top of the latest technology changes. Everything is done for you.  
  • We take your piles of cobwebbed work and turn it into an effective content strategy. You are freed up from the burdensome feeling that your brilliant work is being wasted. You don’t have to put it together into a coherent strategy. We do that for you.  
  • This package is designed to be a lead funnel for your business. We know what to do and our backroom nerds make it happen for you. After all, getting leads is what a website should do, right? 
  • Everything in this package aims to get you in front of your target audience. All our work positions you to attract your ideal clients. You’re not spending time and money marketing to “everybody”.  
  • We provide the vehicle to get your new ideas out to your audienceconsistently. It’s that consistent drip, drip, drip that keeps you top of mind with your market. When theyre looking for the type of services you sell, you’re on the top of their list. 
  • Your work is consistently distributed through multiple channels. We work—on your behalf—to deliver new leads for your services. We blog and post social media content for you 
  • You stay focused on delivering revenue-producing services. We’re working in the background for you—while you stay focused on providing services to your clients 
  • If you’ve already bought a Supercharged site, you don’t have to buy a new one. We build this package on top of that. Our packages are designed to seamlessly scale from one to the next. 
  • This package converts your ideas into a stickily dynamic lead funnel. It’s a constant evolution of your thought leadership. We make sure that that’s communicated online for you. 
  • We make sure your site visitors have a great user experience. Site load time, scrolling, links, and navigating between pages all contribute to a very positive user experience on your site. Nothing impedes the user’s free movement through your site on the way to a decision. 
  • Buyer’s Journey concepts are used throughout the site. We take site visitors through all three stages: 1) Awareness of a problem. 2) Consideration and evaluation of potential solutions. 3) Decision to buy. We strategically move your prospects along the Buyer’s Journey. 

When You Consider A Website Package, You Want To Know…

All The Details Of How The Service Works

Obviously, it starts with your purchase. Once you’ve purchased, you receive a detailed form where you provide extensive information to get us started. Here are the details on how the whole process works. 

Step One: Write The Website


We set our first appointment for an interview immediately. Our first conversation is always about Who We Work With. We dig deep into the ideal clients you want to attract. A consistent theme in these conversations is always upgrading your target market.  

Once we’ve nailed down your target market, everything on the site is customized to that market. Clients love these conversations. They are thought-provoking and exciting. We redefine, upgrade, and refine your target audience. This process is the beginning of positioning you for both thought leadership and increasing your prices. 


While we work on content, your SEO team researches your competitors and keywords. Everything they do aims to position your services above those of your competitors in search results.  

Write And Approve

The interview becomes content for your website. Everything we do and say aims to make it easy for prospects to understand your business. We want them to read the pages and think, “WOW! This is what I need!” Of course, your targeted keywords are worked into the content. 

We send you the first draft for approval and any needed edits. Most clients approve quickly. Occasionally, some clients require minor additions or edits—and we might want to talk them over together 

  • Professional writing. Fifteen (15) pages provided: 
  • (1) Home page 
  • (1) Who We Work With page 
  • (1) How We Work page 
  • (3) High End Packages (design the packages and write the sales pages) 
  • (3) Case Studies pages 
  • (1) Testimonial page with photos 
  • (1) About page 
  • (1) Schedule A Strategy Session page 
  • (1) Download (a checklist targeted to your market) 
  • (1) 1500 Word Pillar Content For blog1 
  • (1) 700 Word Pillar Content for blog2 

Step Two: Build The Website

Design And Build The Website

Your site is designed and built—in the background while we develop the content. Our team takes the information from your intake form and executes your design, with your theme and colors and branding. It’s fast and efficient—and everything is built to be a lead funnel. 


When it’s ready, you view the first draft of the site and approve the design. You provide your input and request any design changes. We incorporate your changes and get design approval.  

Format The Site Content

Our team works on getting all your content up on the site. We lay it out on your site and format it to fit your design. Note that your site content is formatted to be scannable.  

We focus attention on the information a prospect gets with a quick scan. To tell your story, we carefully craft the messaging that site visitors get when they scan your H2 and H3 headings and the bolded first sentences. This is critical to getting them to read the full content. Observe it in use on this site. 

Optimize The Site

Our SEO team optimizes both the site and the content as we build your website. They work in the background to incorporate best practices for both technical SEO (making it easy for search engines to crawl), and on-page SEO (optimizing content)We optimize your site to show up (rank) in searches.  

A Note about Mobile Design

Our mobile version of your site satisfies Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm. We routinely follow Google’s direct suggestions about improving your site for mobile search. We use large buttons for easy navigation, with prominently-displayed click-to-call and click-to-map buttons on your mobile site. We track and analyze how mobile users interact with your site, and constantly tweak to improve results. 

Launch The Site

Step 3: Promote The Website

Develop Paid Ad Strategy

Our ad team develops your paid ad strategy so it’s ready when the site launches. It takes approximately 6-9 months4 for organic SEO to get you ahead of millions of your competitors. We use a paid ad strategy to immediately drive traffic to your newly-launched website. The paid ad strategy works in parallel with your organic SEO work. 

Execute The Ad Strategy Every Month

Once your site launches, our ad team works consistently to drive leads into your funnel. You don’t need to have the technical expertise yourself. Our team provides that. They get so excited bringing you targeted leads. You get to keep your focus on providing services—while our team brings you the leads. 

Refine The SEO Every Month

Our SEO work doesn’t end when the site launches. The team consistently refines your site SEO every month. When they see anything that could be improved, they make adjustments. SEO is something that needs to happen constantly over time—making improvements as they become obvious. The more we know from tracking your site visitors on the site, the easier it is to eliminate any “friction” on the path to a sale 

We focus on improving conversion rate optimization every single month. Conversions are those activities you want site visitors to do. Conversions include signing up for your list, downloading something, submitting a contact form, or scheduling a conversation with youOur objective is to get leads into your funnel—and to convert them—i.e., get them to take the actions you desire.  

Add Social Media

Add Blog

Track Leads From The Site

We track every new lead you get from the site. If you get a call from the site, we know that. If you get a contact form, that’s counted. When you get an appointment set up from the calendar app, we have a record of it. You know how many new leads you’re getting for your money. You nurture and close these leads. We don’t do that part for you. But, you know how many new leads you get from your investment 

Consult Monthly On Website Promotion Strategy

We meet with you every month to discuss the results you’re getting. It’s our priority that you know what you’re getting for your monthly investment. It’s fun to regularly demonstrate your improving numbers. We work hard so it’s a no-brainer for you to keep working with us. 

We believe in connecting with clients “face to face” regularly—virtually of course. That’s all part of the package. We stay in touch with you so we always know if you think there’s anything we could or should be doing better.  

We fix “problems” as fast as we learn about them—immediately. Your satisfaction is our priority and we enjoy giving you great news.  

Here’s A Quick Bullet List Summary…

Of Everything You Get In This Package

Professional Coaching And Content Writing 

  • Clarifying your target market. 
  • Business coaching on creating three (3) new high-end packages. 
  • Design of three (3) new high-end packages of your services. 
  • Interviews for content. 


Professional writing. Fifteen (15) pages written: 

  • (1) Home page 
  • (1) Who We Work With page 
  • (1) How We Work page 
  • (3) High End Packages (design and write the page) 
  • (3) Case Studies pages 
  • (1) Testimonial page with photos 
  • (1) About page 
  • (1) Schedule A Strategy Session page 
  • (1) Download (a checklist targeted to your market) 
  • (1) 1500 Word Pillar Content For blog (monthly) 
  • (1) 700 Word Pillar Content for blog (monthly) 
  • Social Media (monthly) 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Keyword research. 
  • Keywords worked into the content according to latest SEO best practices.  
  • Ensuring that your site design conforms to technical SEO (making it easy for search engines to crawl) and on-page SEO (optimizing content) current best practices. 


Website Design 

  • Designing the full-sized Supercharged Site. 
  • Branding it to your business with your logo and colors. 
  • Building the site and putting it on your domain. 
  • Putting the content on the Supercharged Site. 
  • Formatting the content on the Supercharged Site. 
  • Formatting the content for scanning.  
  • Mobile-optimized site to fit Google’s mobile-first indexing and Google’s direct suggestions for a mobile site. 
  • All elements—content, site, SEO, paid ads—designed to produce a lead funnel site. 
  • Launching the site. 


Promoting The Website 

  • Designing, launching, and managing an ongoing paid ad campaign to drive leads to the site. 
  • Conducting an ongoing Search Engine Optimization campaign to drive traffic. 
  • Monthly meetings to review SEO and paid ad campaign. 
  • Tracking of all calls, contacts, and conversions from the site to provide accurate results. 
  • Can be online within 14 business days after your content is written. 
  • Social Media 
  • Blogging 

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