Best Thought Leadership Strategies for Consultants

A thought leadership consultant at a laptop looking for a strategy To adopt the best thought leadership strategies as a consultant, you first need to understand what thought leadership is. Simply put, it is the act of gaining attention and credibility by communicating valuable information to the public.

So, as a consultant with aspirations to be a thought leader, you need to know what professional insights you can offer the world and how to do it for you to gain an audience. It could be potential followers, clients, employees, partners, or even the press. That said, exactly what strategies should you use as a consultant to establish yourself as a thought leader? Let’s walk you through a few. 

Share Your Professional Expertise. 

One of the best thought leadership strategies for consultants is sharing expert information with the target demographic, sometimes even for free. Now, this can be hard to accept, but it’s probably the best way to showcase your professional knowledge and cement your authority as a thought leader in consulting firms. Bear in mind that if you are not ready to share any of your expert knowledge for free, your audience will most likely look to other credible sources of info.

However, the are plenty of ways you can monetize your information. For instance, you can tease your audience by providing tiny snippets of helpful information to get your audience interested. When they see the value of engaging with your content, they won’t find a problem dipping into their pockets for more. Just be sure to stay ahead of the information-sharing process to stay ahead of the curve.

Find Your Focus Area

As a professional, you undoubtedly know your industry’s different issues and developments and those you interact with closely. You’ve most likely come across complex issues and wondered why no one seems to address them or why they haven’t been addressed as much as they should.  

Such situations can go a long way in helping you identify a niche within your profession to focus on and establish yourself as a thought leader. Focusing on an issue or subject that’s pretty straightforward and already saturated with facts from other consulting firms will make it hard for you to stand out. But when you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you will easily put your head above the rest by shedding light on a new issue.

Start Building a Social Media Presence

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Sharing information with your target demographic is the best way to establish yourself as a thought leader and consultant, and what better way to do it in the digital age than social media?

Social media platforms provide you with a unique way of connecting with your audience instantly, even if you have limited capital. What’s more, it enables you to reach out to people who are genuinely interested in your particular industry or the issue you are focusing on. So, how do you get started on social media? Here are some of the following suggestions:

  • Start by following thought leaders and groups in line with your interests. 
  • Avoid being too sales-y in your social media posts and chime in on online conversations.
  • Offer unique opinions
  • Take note of logical, independent stances. 

To attract more of your ideal demographic, you should also consider creating and sharing webinars, podcasts, or recent news pieces with people on social media.

Make Content That’s in Your Voice

Knowledge and experience in your niche are one part of what makes you a thought leader consultant. The other bit is what makes you unique as a person. So, as you create content to share on your blog, social media, niche forums, or any other platform you have in mind, think about how you can carve out a voice. In other words, your voice.

Your voice is what will separate you from other experts in your consultancy niche and the business world as a whole. Creating content that projects your unique personality lets your readers identify you as genuine. If you don’t know how to make content in your voice, try to read content from thought and business leaders you admire and ask for advice from content creators.

Get Published

Strengthening your credibility is crucial as you build your thought leadership funnel. That means not just creating original content for your consulting services platforms but seeking publication elsewhere as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is to become a contributor to other blogs and spaces within your industry. 

Apart from boosting your credibility, getting published by third parties also increases awareness among the target audience. More people will get to see your content and, therefore, know about you. The more people get to hear your ideas, the more your name grows.

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Get Yourself a Great Team 

Positioning yourself as a thought leader is a process that involves different moving parts. For instance, you’ll need to know what’s happening in your niche at any given time, create and post content regularly, and engage with other players in your sector, all while handling your core job- providing professional services to large and small business owners.

The only way to handle this massive task is to build a competent team to help you achieve your thought leadership goal. A smart team understands the thought leadership process, the inner workings of your particular niche, and the purpose you wish to achieve. Ensure each team member adds value to the overall goal and understands the role they need to play. 

With a team, you can designate responsibilities that may otherwise overwhelm you. Not to mention, you’ll also have valuable minds to brainstorm with new content and your marketing strategy. 

Maintain Consistency

If anything, the most important thought leadership strategy when situating yourself as a thought leader is consistency. You want to cement yourself in people’s minds. You can only do that by providing new and original content regularly. So, keep at it, even if the results are not what you expect yet. 

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