Top SEO Ranking Factors That Thought Leaders Should Know

For any business in these modern times, having a comprehensive content marketing strategy such as SEO is imperative. SEO determines your website’s ranking in common and reputable search engines like Google or Bing. Whichever business you run, an effective SEO plan boosts your online visibility, grows your business, and attracts new customers. In the long run, this translates to more profits.

In modern-day digital marketing, SEO is not just a downstream venture. Well researched strategies help organizations to discover the topics that customers struggle with when they type a keyword to get a certain result in search engines. By understanding this, you can optimize your content accordingly through an effective content marketing strategy.

What is Thought Leadership?

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The most important thing with SEO nowadays is the simplest principle. All you have to do is create a great product, market it, and optimize your revenue stream. The only difference is that this process has been put into programming code resulting in a search engine. Therefore, to ensure that your product receives the necessary online attention to translate to sales, your SEO specialist should be a thought leader.

Thought leadership can be defined as a marketing technique that involves positioning your business as a leader in its niche through the best content. This can be through videos, blog articles, research, and others. This way, customers, potential customers, and members of your industry can associate with your business with authority and insight. As a result, your brand will eventually be at the top of their list when they need to hire in your industry.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

An SEO person is an expert who reviews, analyzes, and implements changes to your website to optimize search engines. This is achieved by increasing traffic to your site by improving its ranking within search engines. In addition, they are responsible for making your website top the list when an online search is conducted.

A modern SEO specialist should be a decision-maker and problem solver. They must be able to prioritize and come up with engaging and relevant content. Modern search engines are increasingly putting more value on quality content. This invariably includes phrases and keywords that drive traffic to your site. An SEO expert will come up with the relevant keywords. They will also monitor your competitors’ websites, make informed tweaks, and develop a more relevant strategy. They have an in-depth knowledge of SEO copywriting, keyword research and are a liaison between different departments of your company.

Top SEO Ranking Factors for Thought Leaders

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There are many resources out there that can help you increase traffic to your website by improving your SEO strategy. In this industry, SEO specialists have dedicated their careers to mastering the ins and outs of search engines. That being said, these are some of the following SEO ranking factors that thought leaders must know. This way, these can help them build their thought leadership website well.

Redo Pages that Almost Ranked High

According to Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Orbit Media, rewriting posts that almost made it to a high ranking is helpful. These posts are available in Google Analytics. You can renovate the post by adding details, answers, statistics, examples, images, and more. In addition, by adding the length and key phrases, you will improve its overall ranking.

Evergreen Content Creation

Steve Rayson, the founder of BuzzSumo, recommends creating content that is in long-form format, quite comprehensive, and authoritative. He adds that these are the qualities Google looks for. You can meet these standards by ensuring you stick to long-form content that is preferably 2,000 words or more. Also, the use of LSI keywords is important. These are phrases or keywords that are strongly related to your post.

Maximizing User Engagement

Focusing on user engagement is an essential digital marketing strategy. According to Max DesMarais, PPC and SEO specialist at Vital, pages should be built to maximize engagement. To achieve this, your post must be easy to read, utilize whitespace, have short paragraphs, and include relevant images. Additionally, you are likely to get more traffic if you include internal links. They tend to answer the reader’s questions while engaging them deeper into your website.

Topic Clusters

A topic cluster collects bits of content covering various aspects of a particular subject, preferably a keyword. Each bit focuses on an in-depth part of the overall subject while the clusters link to others. By creating content in such a detailed and in-depth manner, you will position yourself as an expert in the matter. Additionally, search engines favor content that is topic-based and ranks them higher.

Link Building

They are commonly known as backlinks. This is the process of getting hyperlinks that navigate back to your website from another website. For search engines, this is an endorsement. If other websites think that your content is so insightful to be featured on their website, search engines will view you as an authority and expert in your industry.

Content Optimization

Just as the name suggests, it is the process of optimizing your content for online searches. You can do this by adding keywords, meta descriptions, SEO page titles, and links to other pages on your website. When your content is well optimized, you will be viewed as an expert in your niche every time your site shows up in a search.

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