Who We Work With

Becoming A Thought Leader Is Part Of Your Plan

You Want To Make A Difference On A Bigger Scale

We find that most of our clients are “Difference Makers”. If that resonates with you, you probably either are or intend to be a Thought Leader.

Thought leader isn’t something you buy, it’s something you are. Buying our Thought Leader package won’t make you a thought leader. You have to be one to start with.

A true Thought Leader candidate is high functioning, with a track record of success. Most already command a high hourly value for some sort of consultative expertise. Many are high performers in a corporate setting preparing to take the leap to entrepreneurship.

Our Clients Are Professionals Whose Leads Are High-Value

Every New Client Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars To You

The value of new leads—resulting in new business—varies among industries. We work with professionals whose every new closed deal is worth thousands of dollars.

You’re A Professional—Ready To Position Your Business For Rapid Growth

You Want A New Website To Power That Growth

“New website” actually means a whole marketing system based on the new site as the hub. A website alone is not going to give you results. It’s only the starting point. What brings leads is the whole systematic process that grows from that website platform.

We find that clients are specifically looking for certain elements in their marketing. That’s because your time commands a high hourly value. Our clients are searching for the following.

You Need To Solve Specific Problems For Your Business

Overcoming These Issues Is Paramount For Growth

Circumstances have swept you up, and you need to make adjustments to correct your approach for the current market.

You sell high-ticket services, and competition has increased for a smaller pool of prospects. You’re unsure how to position your business for a breakthrough.

Previously, you were able to skate by on brick and mortar, or personal referrals. Now, it’s time to invest in a serious online strategy.

Yours is a very competitive field, and you cannot blend into the background. You need help identifying your competitive advantage, and describing it so that target clients “bite”.

What you’re “saying” isn’t working in the present business environment—it’s out of date. You need to revamp, and to upgrade your messaging to stay relevant to your market.

You’ve been rocked by many changes, and need to reinvent your strategy. You’re looking for an expert to strategize with.

You feel urgency because your online assets aren’t producing. You can’t be competitive until you have content that converts, a lead funnel website, a site promotion strategy, and high online visibility.

There’s almost always a way to increase prices. It involves increasing the value delivered to your clients.

Your services are superior to your competitors’ offerings, but your messaging isn’t landing. You need a system that consistently delivers the right message to the right prospects.

You’ve been working—developing your ideas—for longer than you even want to admit. Now it’s time to pull the trigger—get those ideas built out into a website, and drive leads.

Our Most Successful Clients Possess Specific Characteristics

That Contribute To Getting Them The Best Results

We’ve noticed that some clients get better results than others. That’s because they possess a complex of success characteristics.

You’re positioned for growth, and simply need the platform to propel that growth. You’ve put a lot of work into your growth plans, and are looking for expertise to help you realize them.

You don’t have to hem and haw, or overthink to the point of paralysis. You’re a clear thinker—who makes solid decisions in pursuit of your business plan.

You understand that generating a steady flow of high-value leads requires consistent strategic activity.

No, investing in our services will not bring you a million qualified leads in 3 seconds and only cost you $10 a month. It’s a labor-intensive organic process, where every activity contributes to building traction—and results increase month-over-month.

At least at the beginning—as we gain momentum—we emphasize the quality of the leads we produce. Over time, we customize the formula that gives you both quality and quantity of leads.

You want a positive answer to the question, “Does the revenue from your leads bring in more $$$ than you spend to get those leads?” Just a few new clients (each worth thousands) every month can transform your business.

This Isn’t For Every Business

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the types of clients we work with and the challenges they face. To learn the details of how we work, our values and what you could expect in working with us, review How We Work.